Fax machines need to be brought up to date with the progression of modern technology. Sending a fax from Gmail is a new and convenient option for a lot of businesses, and it's one that you may wish to consider. You can replace your fax machine or neglect to get one altogether, and you can stay up-to-date with the changing world of technology.

10 Benefits of Sending a Fax From Gmail

1. You Don't Need a Traditional Fax Machine

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Fax machines were once abundant, and now fewer and fewer offices are keeping one around. However, there are still plenty of establishments that rely on fax machines every day, and if you're a new business or a business looking to upgrade your technology, then this will pose a problem. Plus, fax machines often take up extra office space that you simply might not have. Sending a fax from Gmail will help with that problem.

You won't need any extra equipment to fax people if you're doing it through Gmail. You can do it right from your laptop or desktop computer. You'll save space, and you'll save money on fax machine maintenance, too.

2. You Won't Have Paper Cluttering Up Your Space

no paper cluttering

It's not just the fax machine itself that takes up space and makes your office appear cluttered. Papers to fax with take up a lot of space. You need a lot of paper you can always print all the faxes, but you won't need that if you switch to sending all of your faxes through Gmail. You can screenshot or download the document that's been sent to you, and you'll be able to keep it and reference it in digital form.

You still may need to print off a fax occasionally, but you won't need to print all of them. This means there'll be less paper used each day. Having less paper cluttering up your office will make the space feel more open and clean, and it will reduce costs a lot, too.

3. You Can Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

save electricity with online fax

Reducing electricity consumption is vital in today's world. Businesses are being asked to go greener, save power, and benefit the environment while still keeping up with business as usual. Plus, the cost of electricity grows every year, so if you can save electricity, then you're saving money, too.

You don't need to keep your computer switched or laptop switched on all the time, but you need to ensure your fax machine is on all the time to send and receive those faxes. Not having a fax machine constantly plugged in will reduce electricity consumption by a substantial amount, so you'll reap the rewards of using less electricity.

4. You Can Take It with You

fax while on vacation

If you need to receive an emergency fax, then you'll have to rush to the office to turn on the fax machine to receive it. That's a thing of the past with sending faxes through Gmail.

You can receive faxes while you're on your commute, while you're on vacation, while you're at home, and more. The sky is the limit. This is wonderful, as you'll feel less anxious about missing an important fax, and you'll be able to send people faxes from wherever you are at any time of the day.

5. You Can Manage It Easily

Online Fax Dashboard

Using a single app to manage your faxes is easy. You can organize everything neatly on your computer, and you won't need to have a complicated system of binders in a filing cabinet for each of your contacts. It will also be much harder to lose a fax, as you can simply search your computer for it. Losing a physical fax is too easy, as keeping up with organization is tough. You'll never lose an important document again!

6. You Can Send and Receive Extremely Clear Documents

Can I Send a Fax From My GMail

Scanning documents impacts clarity, and it can often make small text blurry and images extremely low quality. Faxes that you receive can often be difficult to read, and they look extremely outdated and unpleasant. Sending faxes through Gmail will ensure your send and receive the highest quality documents possible, as there's no need to scan files. Even the smallest print won't be obscured, and all images will remain sharp.

If your contacts begin sending you faxes through Gmail, then you'll never miss information that writers give you again. Everything will be clean and high quality, and that's the type of quality that you should expect to see in today's modern world. There's simply no need for blurry scanned documents to remain the norm.

 7. You Can Keep Everything in One Place

keep all your faxes and document on the same place

You can keep all of your important emails, documents, and photographs in one place on your laptop. This ensures all relevant information stays together and is easy to access. However, you often have the addition of faxes, so you'll need to lug around your laptop as well as a folder of faxes to have access to all relevant information in one place.

This is incredibly inconvenient, so receiving and sending faxes through Gmail will make sure everything is truly in one place, and you won't need to carry additional documentation you need to reference while working.

8. You Can Send People Copies of Faxes Easily

forward your faxes to multiple receivers

If multiple people need to see a paper fax that you've been sent, then you need to photocopy it several times. This takes up time and resources, and it can be annoying. If you receive faxes through Gmail, then you can easily just forward them to other people's devices.

You can also keep your faxes on multiple devices to access whenever necessary. Encouraging your business and everyone working with you to send faxes through Gmail is going to be the more convenient option going forward.

9. You Can Pave the Way for New Technology

fax technology

If you start sending faxes through Gmail, then the service will become more well-known and more common. It may even replace the standard traditional fax machine in the future. This is a major positive, as technology should always be progressing, and if you can help progress it, then that's something to be proud of.

Encourage your friends and family to switch to using Gmail for all of their faxing needs, and you'll be seen as someone who paved the way in your circle for this new and convenient way of working.

10. You Can Easily Work from Home

send your faxes from home

Lots of people are wondering whether not they can start working from home, as people have found that they enjoy the freedom and comfort of it, and it's possible with many businesses. However, it's not feasible to get a fax machine and other fax equipment into every worker's home. It's entirely possible to get a laptop or computer and a printer into every worker's home, though, as these are things that most people have anyway if they're working from home.

You can fax any of your colleagues, bosses, or employees from anywhere if you all start sending faxes through Gmail. This will make working from home much easier than it used to be.

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