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aFaxing means faxing from anywhere, literally. Anywhere you have Gmail, you now have a fax machine.

Add more ways for your customers to send you business.

Give yourself and your business a new fax number! Add faxing from Gmail using our hi-tech but easy to use app to your communication arsenal.

Were you considering a fax machine and found yourself here?

You can do all the same sending and receiving as the bulky desk fax, only from anywhere without the cost of paper, or a home phone line.

Sending from email is as easy as adding to your fax number.

For example:

When someone tries to fax you, they will never get a busy signal, even if you're currently receiving a fax. Likewise, when you send a fax directly from Gmail, or from our award-winning app, you don't have to worry about busy signals on the other end.

With aFax, toll-free numbers are the same price as local numbers. So you can receive faxes at the same rate, with no long-distance fees.

Feel free to send a fax from your cell phone.

Just cue it up directly from Gmail like you would any other email, attach a file and hit send. That's really all there is to it!

Files can come from GoogleDrive, Dropbox or directly from your computer.

aFax converts all files to .pdf before sending for the cleanest and most efficient viewing whether being printed or viewed on a computer screen.

aFaxing means faxing from anywhere, literally. Anywhere you have Gmail, you now have a fax machine.

Create a custom cover page to go with every fax if you like. Tons of options and flexibility.

Your aFax™ fax number works just like every other phone line.

No tricky dialing rules, but also no need to be there whensomeone sends their fax.

You can receive a fax anywhere on the planet, but give your customers the impression you're always working!

All new incoming faxes will be stored in your inbox securely within the aFax app.

We can even text message you when you receive a new fax!

Your first thirty days are completely on us.

Give aFax™ a shot, then send and receive a fax with Gmail in under 3 minutes!

Send a Fax In Five Easy Steps

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Fax arrived FAST…

This is great! With aFax I was able to send and receive faxes really fast, using only my cell phone! You can fax any document without problems! aFax you're the BEST!
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Rose L.
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Only took 2 minutes…

It's incredible. aFax is both attractive and highly adaptable. Not able to tell you how happy I am with aFax.
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Johnathon T.
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