Those of you who think faxing has died years ago, think again. Faxing is an old tech, sure, but not outdated. Still very much alive, faxing is broadly used because of its reliability and security. However, same as with any old school tech, faxing has improved over the years. Possibly the biggest step forward was its transition to the cloud.

a fax machine left on a sidewalk

By switching online, it has rid of all loose ends that kept it back these years:

✓ Ink and paper consumption
✓ Paper jamming and maintenance costs
✓ Busy analog landlines
✓ Space occupation
✓ Bulk faxing and recordkeeping are made easier

Fax is still very much alive mainly because of it’s security and encryption, and it is still widely used.

Culprits behind the existence of fax.

  • Healthcare

    Online faxing of patient sensitive data is a controversial issue in healthcare due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It is a constant debate between doctors on the way patient data should be delivered. Main options for this are:
    ✓ Traditional way via fax (both traditional and online)
    ✓ Via Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems
    Both doctors and patients alike, opt for the traditional way via fax, mainly because of the system’s security.

  • Judiciary and Law firms

    Even though we are surrounded with new, advent technology, judicial system still requires sensitive data and cases to be submitted on paper directly to clerks at the court. People working in the judiciary branch still prefer fax and traditional mail over email attachments.

  • Public Relations

    Sales pitching is far more efficient when sending faxes compared to email. People in the PR niche claim that sending hard copies is a more effective way of reaching people, rather than having them browse through thousands of emails. And the worst part of it, your mail address can be marked as spam, and that’s something that can’t be easily recovered from.

a fax machine left on a sidewalk broken

Should you kill the machine?


Fax machines are bulky, costly and occupy a lot of office space.

Should you give up on faxing?


Aside from having great security when it comes to sending sensitive data, faxing was mainly shunned because of it’s lack of flexibility (being you must be at the fax machine, punching numbers waiting on the line to be free again). With its transition to the cloud, you can do it via email, on the go.


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