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If you find yourself having to send or receive an occasional fax message, you’ve probably found yourself searching for a free fax number. Nextiva is one of the number one choices for users in the western hemisphere, and here you’ll learn how to set up a Nextiva free fax number and how to get yourself… Read More

Since online faxing services are getting more and more popular, it only makes sense that we run a few tests on some of the leading websites on the market to see how they fare against each other. I have been toying with the ever popular Pingdom tool (you can test it yourself right here), and,… Read More

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If you are keeping your eyes on tech and security news, you probably remember the Sony incident from the end of 2014. In what turned out to be several major leaks, Sony bled all kinds of data that is supposed to be kept safe, ranging from inside business info related to their TV shows and… Read More

One would think that sending a fax would be out of date in the modern age, but there are still plenty of reasons why we NEED it. Fax is still being used and is a relevant method of business communication. Here are some of the reasons why “just the facts Maam, just the facts” is… Read More

With well over 17000000 faxes being sent every year since last year, the impact faxing has on the ecology is no longer negligible. Online faxing services are a step in the right direction, but not all businesses are yet aware of this option, and the price for online faxing has to be much lower for… Read More

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Fax Resources Brief History and Evolution of Faxing 3D Fax Biographies of Fax Inventors Fultograph Pantelegraph Teleautograph Fax Scams Black Fax Junk Fax Fax Technology Radiofax (Weatherfax) Device sending radio fax signals around the world using radio waves, still in use for disseminating weather and meteorological data to vessels and places with no phone connection… Read More

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Facsimile machines have evolved a great deal since they first came to be, and here are the men who made it happen – inventors, physicians, mathematicians and electrical engineers who made business communication what it is today. To read more on the development processes that facsimile machines went through over the years, visit our article… Read More

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Facsimile machines have gone a long way since their original developers first envisioned them. Here’s how the faxing changed and how it changed the world over the course of history. For more details you can check out our page dedicated to fax history. Sometimes just reading about a subject can be so boring. So instead… Read More

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If you’re familiar with the concept of spam mail and fliers being shoved down your mailbox, you’re familiar with junk faxing as well, because it’s the very same concept. What is Junk Faxing? Junk faxing is sending of advertisement messages sent by the telemarketers, a practice that boomed along with the popularity of fax machines… Read More