There are many obvious advantages for online faxing, such as financial savings, efficiency and lack of oversized hardware. However, there are some benefits that cannot be seen at the first glance.


huge pile of files that you wont have if you switch to online faxing

Huge files

Sending big files via email is never an easy task. However, there is virtually not a file too big for the convenience of the online faxing. You can send high-quality images, presentations or promotional videos without even breaking a sweat. Of course, there is a limit even for virtual faxes, but there is an end to every good thing. Also, you can send group faxes, just like you can send emails to bunch of different receivers.


Fax on the go

Online faxing doesn’t require any additional hardware or software, but sometimes it’s good to have more than required. This is exactly the case with the mobile faxing app.
Now you can send and receive faxes not only independently of your fax machine, but also without having to be anywhere near your computer.
Many faxing services have mobile apps, and most of them are pretty straight-forward to use. It has all the functionality that your fax machine once had and that your computer has – you can send, receive, and sign faxes, send PDFs, etc.



a business man online faxing

Quick and easy signature

Signing a bunch of documents on daily basis can be a real bummer. Once upon a time noblemen used seals instead of signatures which saved up a lot of time, but I guess people just love to write their names on stuff, hence this idea was abandoned somewhere along the way.

Thanks to someone having a really retro way of thinking, a fax can simply be signed by dragging and dropping a previously scanned, handwritten signature on the document. Don’t you just love it when new and old are mixed into something so perfect?


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