Do you remember the times before we all had smartphones with contact picture and details? When you had to write down the numbers or use the phonebook? Making a wrong call was much easier in those days, but the modern technology made those mistakes few and far in between.

Lisa Belanger

Lisa Belanger

But they do happen, and sometimes they are as awkward as they can get. Lisa Belanger, a spa owner from Bedford, Nova Scotia, has a fax number only one digit away from a fax number of a local mental health office. She finds herself getting her business correspondence just as often as she gets info about mental health of the patients being treated by the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

What was the outcome of faxing sensitive data to the wrong person?

The patients are, rightfully, upset that their private health information is being shared with non-medical personnel, and Lisa is upset about getting the unwanted fax messages. She claims she gets about half a dozen to a dozen fax messages that aren't meant for her per year, despite warning the offices that the mistake is happening and asking them to notify all of the doctors that work there to pay attention to the numbers they're dialing when sending a fax message.

She is hoping they will stop sending her the fax messages with patient info soon, as it's interfering with her work and is highly distracting, not to mention the embasement caused to the patients of the mental health facility whose private info is being broadcasted to non-medical personnel.

There are two morals to be taken from this story – first, always double-check the number you are faxing to, especially if you are sending vital business or private information – you don't want to be wrong with those. Second, always check with the fax service provider if the fax number you are getting is similar to the number of a large business in the area.



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