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The fact that fax machines can not work while connected to the VoIP lines is very well known, but that doesn’t mean that there were no attempts to give fax machines and modems the ability to transfer data over standard IP networks in real time. One of the results of International Telecommunication Union in that… Read More

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Canada, being connected to the US, has excellent access to the modern technologies, especially communication technologies. However, there are always little things that companies in Canada need to do to be the most attractive service providers in the area – tech support in French, the ability to pay in local currency and the capacity to… Read More

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Popular Online Fax Services and Brief Comparison Online faxing has gotten extremely popular as a replacement for sending and receiving fax messages using a fax machine, especially because of its versatility, once you’ve setup any of the online fax services you can access it from any place as long as you have a device that… Read More

Whenever a service that started operating as the USA only opens up to the rest of the world, there’s a question of compatibility and availability of services to the outside countries. Here we’re going to take a look at four most popular online faxing services and see how they fare up if you’re trying to… Read More

Herbert E Ives fax inventor

Inventor of First Color Facsimile Herbert Ives (21 July 1882 – 13 November 1953) was a scientist and an engineer best known for his work with development on facsimile and TV systems in AT&T, as well as with his theoretical work in denying special relativity. He conducted a large-scale experiment that confirmed the theory he… Read More

Alexander Bain fax inventor

Beginning of Facsimile Machines Alexander Bain is the very first person who started wondering what would it take to transfer information from one sheet of paper to the other over long distances using automated systems. Life: Alexander Bain was born in Watten, Scotland, in a family of 12 siblings, including a twin sister. His academic… Read More

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Wha is a Teleautograph and how does it work? Teleautograph is an analogue precursor to modern fax machines. Before its development, the facsimile machines used , but the main difference telautograph brought is the fact that the sheet of paper is stationary, while the stylus is the mobile part, and that the transfer of data… Read More

Arthur Korn fax inventor

Developer of Fax Machine German physicist and mathematician Arthur Korn (20 May 1870 – 22 December 1945) ha made it his life’s study to find a way to transfer large amount of information over long distances. The end goal of Arthur’s research would be developing a practical mechanical television system, but that particular invention would… Read More

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Edouard Belin – The Inventor of Belinograph Belin Edouard was a French inventor whose phototelegraphic apparatus was able to send photographs over the telephone and telegraphic networks. The complexity of the machine prevented it from being widely used, but it’s one of the first instances of a fully electronic image scanned by an electric eye.… Read More

Richard H Ranger fax inventor

Richard H Ranger – Wireless Photoradiogram Pioneer Richard H Ranger is an American inventor who has made his imprint in facsimile machines history by being the first one to successfully transmit a photo wirelessly in a transoceanic message. Born in Indiana in 1889, he was interested in electrical engineering and music engineering. Served as Major… Read More