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By now we’ve all figured out that faxing is not just a thing of the past, a relic gasping for its last breath. It still plays a huge role in the lives of many people, but with the new era of technology, a new era of faxing had to come. Fortunately, virtual faxing has done… Read More

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The year is almost over and there is no better time to simply look back and estimate damage done in the last few hundred days. Also, it’s a great time to start anew, become a better person, start working out, finally kill that scary spider in the attic and reconsider the internet faxing service you… Read More

Faxing technology is old, but not outdated. There are huge benefits of this tech starting from security to ease of use, and now, with new technologies on the rise, faxing has improved. The biggest step forward is when it moved to the cloud and online faxing became much easier to handle. If you haven’t switched… Read More

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Most of our daily communication is being conducted via a medium of e-mail and phone these days, business and private alike, but faxing is still very much alive.Sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation that you have to send or receive a fax message, and if you can find yourself in a… Read More

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If you find yourself having to send or receive an occasional fax message, you’ve probably found yourself searching for a free fax number. Nextiva is one of the number one choices for users in the western hemisphere, and here you’ll learn how to set up a Nextiva free fax number and how to get yourself… Read More

How To fax guide resources! How to Send a Fax Brief guide on three options for sending fax messages. How to Fax from a Computer How to send fax messages from a computer – what will you need and how different is it from faxing from a fax machine. How to Send Faxes with Windows… Read More

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Faxing technologies predate internet, even TV and phone lines – faxing has been around and has changed significantly over the years. Here’s a brief run on how fax machines work looking at the technical side of things. For more general information about fax machines, check out our Fax Machines from Start to Finish guide. How… Read More

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While there is no direct method to send a fax message to an e-mail address, there are tricks you can use to make sure a fax reaches someone’s e-mail. The problem is a technological barrier – for all the upgrades and improvements over the years, fax messages are in the analog end signals transferred by… Read More

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