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This is a quick start guide that will help you set up Gmail to send a Google fax.

If you made it to this page, it’s likely you already have a Gmail account. You’re in good company. More than 900 Million people use Gmail for their email provider.

Gmail now lets you send faxes in the same way you’d send an email.

With growing security concerns in the tech world, fax is still a very relevant and very secure technology.

How To Google Fax In Five Easy Steps

Sending a fax from Gmail is pretty easy.

All you need a Gmail address and an online fax account.  More simply though, just follow these easy five easy steps.

Step 1   Log into your Gmail account and compose a new email.

compose gmail

Step 2   Review the different fax companies. Figure out how much faxing you’re going to do. Do you need a number or do you just need to send a fax? While there are several to choose from, for three reasons RingCentral is’s number one choice.

–   RingCentral works on all devices (always with you)

–   They offer the lowest price in the industry (less than a latte)

–   Quick and easy secure signup (privacy, less work)

For a limited time, RingCentral is offering a free 30-day trial. While other companies offer a free trial, RingCentral brings the best user interface. Something else that might be important to you is being able to send from any device. Using RingCentral you can fax from your Mac, fax from your PC, fax from your iPad AND your iPhone.  In addition to the 30-day trial, RingCentral offered a special deal. Go ahead and check it out by clicking here.

Step 3   Attach the file (document, image, etc.) you want to fax to the email message.


Step 4   In the recipient’s field, add the fax number as you would add an email.

To make things clear here is an example of how you’d enter the fax number is when using eFax as your email to fax service.

And in this picture, you can see how this would look in an outgoing Gmail.

Google Fax Setup

Step 5   Press Send. Congratulations! You have sent your first Google fax! After a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation message letting you know your fax found its destination.

The Top Google Fax Services of 2013

Get Started for Free!

Are you ready to get started? Sign up and start faxing from Google in just a matter of minutes! You can enjoy a full month of online faxing at no charge with these companies.

RingCentral RingCentral is one of the leading fax services of 2013, thanks in great part to their excellent service and 24/7 support. They offer different plans according to your needs; the basic one called “Fax 500” costs just $7.99 and includes 500 pages of fax per month.

In addition to basic email fax, RingCentral Fax includes features such as:

  • Toll-free or local dedicated fax numbers.
  • Integration with cell phones and mobile devices.
  • Fax from PC applications
  • Detailed reports
  • Fax scheduling and broadcasting

RingCentral Fax offers a chance to try their service for 30 days and offers three different plans for faxing online, depending on how many pages you send and receive every month.

Nextiva – Nextiva is a great service that boasts the truly lowest monthly price. They offer the chance to fax for 30-days for free.

eFax – Unlike other businesses, eFax offers just a single fax plan. That plan, though, is a great option for both small and medium businesses.

eFax provides a full month trial, unlimited fax storage, plenty of support options and local numbers in many countries and thousands of cities around the World. Also, you count with digital signing features and a mobile application to take faxing everywhere.

MyFax MyFax has positioned as one of the leading Google fax services in the past few years. This service is perfect if you are planning to fax documents from different file formats (they currently support more than 170 file types), or if you are planning to send faxes to other countries since they offer flat-rate faxing to over 40 countries with your account. The service is fast, reliable and very simple to use.

RapidFaxRapidFax This email fax service lets you send and receive 300 pages of fax per month in a $9.95 plan (you can start faxing for free too!). All faxes are sent straight to your Gmail account very fast, letting you take care of many faxes at the same time.

Rapidfax doesn’t charge you a cent for setting up your account, and if you want to send additional pages, it will cost you $0.08 per page. You can check out your pages via Gmail or directly on your account.

Ready to get started sending faxes from Gmail?   Click here to test drive our recommended choice!

The 3 Things You Need to Start Faxing Online

1. A Gmail Account

I strongly recommend you create a new one for faxing purposes; it’s free! In the past few years, Gmail has become increasingly popular thanks to its simple interface and fast navigation. Plus, it’s backed by Google, the great search engine giant, so you know it is 100% reliable.

2. Virtual Fax Number

What that means is a virtual fax number that will redirect incoming faxes to your inbox, where they’ll arrive as Adobe PDFs. Email fax services provide this number. Currently, fax services offer you the chance of choosing between a local or toll-free number when you sign up.

The type of business you have will often determine these needs. You can find numbers all across the USA, as well as other countries such as Canada and the UK.

3. Email Fax Service Account

Besides giving you a number to receive faxes on Gmail, these services come with multiple features that will save you time and money. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The ability to fax from your preferred email address.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. With just a push of a button, you can send a fax.
  • Fax from iPhones, Blackberries, and Android phone thanks to mobile fax apps.
  • Fax broadcasting: send a single fax to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • Fax scheduling, storage and detailed reporting.

How Do I Receive Google Fax?

Receiving Faxes is Fast and Easy!

Receiving faxes is incredibly easy – and that comes from someone who is not much of a “tech expert”!

When you sign up with a fax service, you receive a virtual fax number that’s connected to your Gmail address. Primarily, this digits “grab” your incoming faxes and redirect them to your Gmail inbox.

This way. People can send you faxes, no matter if they are using a computer or a fax machine.

Incoming faxes flow through powerful fax servers that can convert TIFF fax files into PDF documents in just a few seconds; then the fax is sent to your email address. That whole process might sound complicated may seem complicated, but it isn’t; as a matter of fact all the complex steps take place in the background in auto-pilot. You just enjoy the result, which is the delivery of digital fax on your computer.

Since we are talking about web-based services, you can access fax from any PC, laptop or even smartphone (services like eFax and RingCentral now offer robust online fax apps). That’s right; you are entirely free from the location constraints of traditional faxing machines!

Receiving fax as digital documents also mean that you are free to print the documents you deem necessary; no more money spent on documents that you don’t need in the paper. In my company, this meant saving hundreds of dollar per month!

Google Cloud Faxing Using Google Docs!

Do you work with cloud-based documents? Maybe you already knew this, but you can fax documents directly from your online account?

RingCentral has recently announced that they are offering a cloud fax feature. They have partnered with Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box to provide the “first ever cloud-based, fully integrated fax service”.

The company knows that faxing is still an integral part of many businesses and corporations, so they have added this feature that reflects these times. RingCentral Fax users can use this feature without paying extra fees.

No doubt one of the main benefits of using an email fax service is that you receive your virtual fax number. Back in the days of traditional fax machines, you needed to get installed a dedicated fax line, but now this is included at no extra cost in your account and is available for use in just a matter of minutes!

When someone sends you a fax using the virtual fax number they won’t notice any difference. But what happens is that the fax image blips through the service’s fax servers, where it undergoes a process of conversion. It is then sent from the servers to your email inbox using Fax Over Internet Protocol.

The fax arrives in your email already converted into a PDF file that you can quickly search and browse. Having a digital copy, among other things, means that you have complete control over what you’re printing.

What Are The Advantages of Google Fax?

Speed. Faxing from Google takes just a couple of minutes, and the process is fully automated once you send the email message. On top of that, all email fax services have features that can help you save hours of your time, such as fax scheduling, broadcasting (sending a single fax to multiple recipients) and forwarding.

Lower fax costs. Getting started with a fax service can cost as low as $7.99, and if you use a 30-day trial account you don’t have to pay anything today! You’ll also pocket the costs of toners, dedicated fax lines, and shelling out for paper.

Security. Google fax services make sure that all your documents remain secure and private thanks to advanced protection and encryption technology.

Reliability. Communicating via Gmail fax is much more reliable than doing so via a legacy fax machine. You won’t run into problems such as busy phone lines, missed faxes, and the dreaded paper jams.

Eco-friendly. By saving paper when you send a fax, you help save a tree!

Ready to get started sending faxes from Gmail?   Click here to test drive our recommended choice!

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